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TBW#04 – SavFrost – Cuckoo Head Cool Dog

TBW#04 – SavFrost – Cuckoo Head Cool Dog

192pp paperback book, 110mm x 171mm. Edition of 125 copies in “Papal Purple” cover and 125 copies in “Germolene Pink” cover.

Available 27 September 2019
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TBW#04 – SavFrost – Cuckoo Head Cool Dog (Pink Cover) TBW#04 – SavFrost – Cuckoo Head Cool Dog (Purple Cover)

SavFrost are two people who came together after drifting in opposite directions.

SavX was born was born in Leeds, moved South in the early 70s and now lives in South London. Frost (Barbara) was born in South West London and has drifted slowly north. She now lives in North West London.

He did art school, first in Essex then scoring a Masters Degree at the RCA. She did art school, first at St Martins then dropping out of a BA in Fine Art at Chelsea.

He has always been interested in drawing, making comics as a kid, pulling monsters out of thin air. She worked with her partner Frank Tovey (aka Fad Gadget) as photographer, lyricist, singer, tour manager, accountant, costumier and whatever else needed doing. Overlapping with having children. Overlapping with teaching. But always writing.

Many years ago they met thanks to an amazing woman – his wife, her best friend.

Then, last June, they decided to collaborate in a little project with no specific end in sight. Every night SavX sent Frost a drawing that he had done during the day. Every next morning she opened the email stared at the drawing, made a few notes then wrote a something.

They did ten. Thought about it. Then, because they were enjoying themselves, they did ten more.

Twenty drawings + twenty writings = Cuckoo Head Cool Dog.

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First published in 2019 by The Bookworm, an imprint of The Tapeworm, in an edition of 250 copies. Doggedly catalogued as TBW#04. Produced between and 18.vii.2019 in London and Berlin by The Tapeworm — ‘Missing dick between dagger and prick.’ Copy editor: Parker. Cover illustration by SavX. Made in Bulgaria with the co-operation of Yasen Georgiev. Printed on Munken Lynx. Typeset in Aldine 401, Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk and Miso. Texts copyright Barbara Frost. Illustrations copyright Savage Pencil.

TBW#04 – SavFrost – Cuckoo Head Cool Dog (Pink Cover) TBW#04 – SavFrost – Cuckoo Head Cool Dog (Purple Cover)